Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July - Round One

No better way then to start the day with a 10-miler on the lake. Yes, in fact, this would be the second attempt of my long run this week, what with all the quitting I did the other day. I decided to take my camera this time, because far too many runs I have had where I think to myself, "Damn am I lucky to live here - I wish everyone could see what I see." And now you can!
Belmont Harbor looking north - this would be around my two-mile mark (I started at the 1.5).

Heading south down through Lincoln Park - to the left is the Lincoln Park lagoon, and straight ahead is downtown - you can seek the Hancock Building.

Me - standing at the top of the North Avenue Bridge - behind me are the south bound lanes of Lake Shore Drive - this bridge crosses over to the lake and North Avenue Beach, where, at 9am, people were already picnicing and sunbathing.

And over at North Avenue Beach, heading south towards Oak Street Beach - if you ever saw the movie "The Break-up", this is where they shot that 10 seconds of Jennifer Aniston running.

How I only noticed this today, I have no idea - apparently someone thought it would be an AWESOME idea to put fake palm trees all along Oak Street Beach. Which is great because A.) Clearly my tax dollars are HARD.AT.WORK. and B) If I wanted to see fake shit, like faces, boobies and personalities, I would live in LA. What a mess.

Run done - 10 miles in the books. I actually felt great, so I suspect the harsh face is because I was being followed by about 10 cars and three men on foot for my parking space at Montrose Beach. Oh - this entire area was like a clusterfuck since 7am. I so wish I was kidding. I had never seen anything like it, and hope never to again. Then, as I pull out of the space, one guy stands in the middle of it (as if to save it) while another guy tries to pull his car in. I pull away just as the fracas breaks out. Ahhhh - ain't this country grand?

It's parade time!!!! I met up with Bridget and Baby Terry (who was sporting one of his mother's creations unbeknownst to Papa Joe) His shirt read: "My momma's for Obama"

"But my papa's for McCain." Guess whose house I DON'T want to live in come November.

And look who joined the fun!!!! It's my sister Ellie and Baby Nolan! Could not just eat this picture up?

What an awesome picture!
In his jarbled baby talk, Nolan was asking "Hey, when do they start throwing candy at you?" I was confused until - I'll be darned - they really DID throw candy at you! Which was great, what with my diet and all - but you can bet you mortgage on me snapping up some Sweet Tarts and Tootsie Rolls. Hey, I ran 10 miles - give a girl a break.

And of course, what is a Fourth of July parade without a camel? No seriously - WTF? The best part is the sign for Happy Foods, which was out local mom-n-pop grocery store before the whole Jewel thing. I have many a fond memory of the Happy Foods.

And here we are - me, Ellie and Nolan. Okay - off to the BBQ and then the Sox game!


The Young Family said...

Love the pics of the city!! I always think that I should run with a camera too... maybe I will try it this week?

I hadn't checked on you in a bit, so I just spent time catching up!

Good stuff.


Prin said...

Sounds like an awesome day. WOO!

the crazy jogger said...

ncie pix..
the obama - mccain was funny