Sunday, July 6, 2008

End of the Weekend Pictures

So I know I have totally thrown up a ton of pictures this weekend, but the other day I was scrolling through my posts and noticed that I have a woefull amount of pictures. Thus, I took my camera with me all weekend, and here is the final day - Sunday. On schedule: Three-hour ride, one-hour run. Today I conquered my fear of riding alone, and did the whole brick by myself. And what a surprise - I didn't get a flat, get run over, or fall off my bike without having someone to save me. It was just me, and I loved it.
I tried to take this while actually riding the bike. This is on the north trail, looking, well, north. This also happens to be the same path I ran south on for the MC200 relay last month. In fact, the exact exchange point is just about right where I took the next two pictures.



YAY!!! Home from the ride, getting ready to run. The smile on my face is most likely because A). I did the ride 10 minutes faster than last week and B). I was feeling oddly fine, which was weird, given last week's catastrophe of a brick. Uh, yeah, so the apartment is SORT OF a distaster - but in my defense, I have been pretty swamped this weekend, and was basically in and out like a tornando. Please avert your eyes.
Evanston lakefront, looking south - in the far stiance you can make out the building of downtown Chicago.

Overlooking Lake Michigan. I was aiming to get the sailboats, but they didn't really come out. Use your imagination.

This is on the way back, at Lee Street Beach, or as I like to call it, "My Beach." Okay, so I don't technically own it, but I like to frequent it. About 10 seconds after I snapped this picture, Devin ran up to me with TJ (my once-dog, now hers because I can't take care of shit). It wasn't until we parted ways that it occurred to me we should have taken a picture together (we were wearing the exact same outfit of skirt, black bra, glasses and IronMeg visor). Oh well. You know what she looks like.

Run done. Yeah, I am not as happy in this one. I think I was just really hot, sweaty, and achy. I threw my back out yesterday doing something completely ridiculous (lifting bottled water) so I wasn't even going to ride today, but then when I woke up (I slept on an ice pack) I was like, "Self, don't be such a sissy." So after the run, I was pretty stiffened up, and STARVING.
Speaking of starving, I need to go eat. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!


Steve Stenzel said...

YEAH for solo workouts! Well done!

Yep, you look kinda pissy after that run. You need a drink...

Danni said...

Way to go on those solo workouts!!!
That's the way I roll :)

Molly said...

I love pictures! I enjoyed your weekend of picture posts!
Great workout...I am with you on the solo thing...scares will be my inspiration to get over it!
Take Care

Prin said...

Slept on an icepack? Wtf? You can sleep on an icepack?

I liked this weekend in pics too. It was like "A weekend in the life of somebody opposite to me" (aside from the messy surroundings part :D).

Anonymous said... favs are you in the black tops :-) Yummy!@

The fire said...

I know this is for a post from a few days ago, but hopefully your readers read the comments as well. This is in response to "Fallen." While waiting at the church today for the funeral to begin it dawned on me. An "all honors" funeral is something very few people ever get to witness. I hope that this is the last one I ever have to go to, unfortunately I am a realist. For everyone out there, don't think you would be some type of gawker or gaper. You should go, feel the goosebumps that come with the bagpipes, men and women in formation, the salutes, and the silence this brings. I encourage everyone wherever you live, if a police officer or fireman is lost in the line of duty, do everything you can to witness the funeral.