Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What It Be



Cause it's that kind of day.

Did anyone else see the WNBA fight? Crap, those bitches are fierce!

Me personally? I never got in a fight. The closest I ever came to fighting was in the sixth grade - Jenny Rodriguez was trying to steal my friend away, so I shit-talked her and she decided that was grounds to kick my ass.

So after school, we met at the corner, and before I could get the first swing in, she knocked my sissy-ass in the snow pile. It was humiliating, but bound to happen - after all, she outweighted me a good 20 pounds, had a white-girl afro, and a dead-tooth. Now, why that all made her tougher than me, I don't know, but it sure did scare the crap out of me back then.

Something tells me, though, that if I met her in a dark alley tonight, I would give her a ass-kicking she'd never forget, complete with a bitch slap from my Ironman medal.

Love Your Kids
Today, I had to close the door to my office and cry on my desk.

We just got a horrible case in - guardians killed a 12-year-old after years of grotesque torture - I mean, shit you can't even understand how people think up.

And sometimes, you just have to cry it out.

And then go back to work.

Are You Kidding Me?

I was leaving the gym when I got an email notice on my phone.

Apparently, there is photo evidence of my DNF.

So I tried to copy it ('cause lord knows I'm not buying this memory), and post it here.


You can click on it, but I don't think it enlarges. But if it did, you would see me stiffling my tears as I cross into transition. And man, do I look good and pissed off - you can just tell by the scowl, the swinging arms, the stomping feet. Now THAT'S a pout in progress. I can just imagine the thoughts going through my head:

"Mother fucking race...I hate this shit...Triathlon sucks money balls..fuck this shit....I'm goin' home...."

Or something like that.....


Alili said...

Jenny Rodriguez had better watch out-you look totally ready to kick some ass in that pic. Remind me never to piss you off ;)

Steve Stenzel said...

I just read your DNF story - that's harsh. It sucks to have to drop, but you did the right thing. (I had to drop at Grandmas Marathon just over a month ago - I don't know if you saw that post.)

Onward and upward!!

Wipaddler said...

holy crap Meg did you name that jpg? Because if you didn't I'm going to find the guy that took that picture and gave it a title and kick is ass for you.

Tri-Angle said...

Jenny is SO TOAST. Damn, I wish she woulda been there.

Sorry about your day. No words for that. You do honorable work Megan.

Michelle J said...

Yah, the abuse thing sound horrible, and I am often glad that the details of that kind of shit is kept private... sorry about having to go through that...

Now, about the bball fight... actually been in one when I was around 22, had enough of some woman's pushing me around (almost like on the video) and I punched her! Had no idea what came over me, but I just hauled off and punched her (after being pushed/punched/elbowed by her for an entire game)... I was lucky that my hubby was reffing and just made me sit down and didn't throw me out of the game!

Your picture looks so sad... whah! Thank god for all of those GORGEOUS Ironman photos that we all enjoyed... by the way, where did you get the IronMeg visors - LOVE them! IronMish... does that sound OK??? ;)

The Big Cheese said...


xt4 said...

I picked a fight once in Middle School (though it was Junior High back then) with a kid called Buttcheek. That was his nickname- Buttcheeck. He was only slightly lower down the cool meter than I was. Alas, Buttcheek kicked my ass, and thusly, we switched positions on the cool meter. It was a low moment. The lesson: Don't pick fights, especially with people called Buttcheek.

Spandex King said...

If Jenny would have seen that face she would have run for the hills. You look pissed and ready to kick some tail!

Prin said...

1. I got into a couple of scraps in my youth, along with playing rugby and dabbling in wrestling, so if you need an ass-kicky side-kick, I'm your girl. Maybe. Except that I'm afraid of everything.

2. That's just terrible. :( People suck. Hardcore.

3. Thank goo'ness you don't have that "wall o' failure" or whatever you called it anymore. That pic would have probably made it on there and I'd never forgive you.

Kathleen said...

That girl in the picture looks tough to me!

Tri-Angle said...

Oh yeah
Almost forgot.
Don't Sugar coat your feeling about that picture Meg...just go ahead and let it out.
We can take it

Anonymous said...

I think fighting is neato!