Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quirks and Stuff

I got tagged by Tri-Dogma, and since I have decided to spare you all from my self-loathing today, I will do this - it seems a bit more cheerful.

I also got tagged by Erin an uber long time ago, so I am going to post that one as well.

So here's a lot of nothing about Megan! Enjoy!

Six Quirks about Me
1. I spend a ginormous amount of time in bed. And not in the sexy-time way - it just happens to be the only furniture in my apartment.

2. I was the youngest person in my graduate school class. And though I have been a supervisor for the last three years, I have never supervised anyone younger then me. One of my supervisees even called me "Kiddo" once.

3. I swallow my gum. Not like one piece here and there - but I can go through a whole pack of Strawberry Orbit in a day, most of it ending up in my belly. And on that note, I spend an painfully large amount of time thinking about food. I make lots of jokes, but I internally obsess over food and it's counterpart - weight. I thought IM cured me of these demons - not so much.

4. When we were little, my sister fell out of the car when my mom was driving. I was sitting next to her, but I didn't say a word - I just looked out the back window of the station wagon as she rolled to the curb. For some reason, me and her didn't really get along, and I thought that if I just stayed silent, my mom would, well, forget, about her by the time we got home. Other drivers had to alert my mom, who returned to find my sister sitting on the side of the road. Then of course I disliked her more becuase I thought she did it just to make my mom love her more.

5. Last week I ate eight peaches in one day.

6. I have a lot of hiphop on my iPod, and when a song comes on, I get all attitudey and badass-like, as if I actually have some street cred - that if "shit pops off," I can "lay some mother fuckers out."

Tagged by Erin
How would you describe your running 10 years ago?
Let’s see – I would have been 22, so I guess I could say I was reacquainting myself to it. I had the ultimate goal of the marathon in my head, and was then just starting with my first 5K – which I still remember. It was February, snowy and cold, and finished on Lower Wacker Drive. I was cheered on my all the homeless men that live down there in the winter, as well and my sister Devin and my mom!!!! I felt so proud of myself – I was coming off of a really difficult time in my life, and it was a major accomplishment for me.

What is your best/worst race/running memory?
Best - My first Chicago Marathon – the whole thing.
Worst - The second Chicago Marathon – running injured from Mile 10 on.

Also good was the 2.5 hour training run I did while Cheese waited in the car for me. He came out at the very end, and clapped for me as I finished – like I had won a race or something. It was cute. And another? When I ran the last few miles of my sister Devin's Ohio marathon. I think about that run when I want to quit my workouts - cause she never did.

Why do you run?
When I ran the Chicago Marathon the first time, I saw a woman with a sign that said, “What are you running from?” It was at Mile 9, and for the rest of the run, I thought about that. What I can up with was that I was running from years of abusing my body with an eating disorder (15 years), of unhealthy eating and drinking habits, and of hating myself. And today, I still run for these reasons.

What is the best/worst piece of running advice you’ve gotten?
My dad told me once I would hurt myself, so I shouldn’t run. Oddly, it was the best and worst advice – worst because it could have stopped me from doing it all together at the time, but best because, even though he was right, I still ran anyways, because I was stubborn and it was like giving all the naysayers a big middle finger.

Tell us something suprising about yourself?
Well, as someone who has been dubbed an “over-discloser,” I can’t imagine what I haven’t vomited out all over this blog.


Anonymous said...

witch sister?!? that is one of the funiest things i have ever read!

Flatman said...

I totally love quirk #6.

/throws up gang sign/


Alili said...

I can totally appreciate #2 at the moment. I just interviewed 2 women in their late 50s and they were a bit floored when I told them I was the supervisor...I'm all of 28 :)

IM Able said...

OMG -- I swallow ALL OF MY GUM, TOO!!

I thought I was the only one. I laugh when people give me the "it stays in your stomach for 7 years" crap. doesn't. TRUST ME. Otherwise I'd be a walking chiclet.

No joke.

Amy said...

I am a gum swallower too. I now buy the double pack of gum because I know I'll go through the smaller pack too dang fast. And that's "7 years" thing? load of bull.

Now I want gum....

Tri-Angle said...

How fast was your Mom Driving?

Anonymous said...

did nancy intentionally spell "which" as "witch?" I'll choke a bitch if she did!

i love how I read your blog and always learn something new about you.

havent told you lately, but i love you and i appreciate all your support in good times and trying times. -ellie

Anonymous said...

no, it was the ass-crack of dawn when i wrote that. plus, my mind has not been the same these days...


Prin said...

How does a kid roll out of a car? lol!!

I love your quirks (well, not the gum one. Ew.) And your running bits are crazy inspiring. :)

So if you invite me to sleep on your "sofa", you have ulterior motives? :D