Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The 7-Hour Brick

Six hours on the trainer.

45 minutes run afterwards.

There’s not a whole lot to say about the brick except that it’s over, the last big one of the Peak. The only big thing left this week is the 3.25 hour run, and then it’s into taper. I was thinking about doing it Friday, but I am going to see how my body feels.

And although I was pretty solid in my performance today, I was most proud of the fact that this brick came only two days after my last long brick this past weekend, not to mention the two back-to-back weekends of 6-hour bricks before that.

I had to make some adjustments in my schedule because I am going to Kansas this weekend to cheer Cheese on in his second ½ marathon. I know I took a risk putting such long workouts so close together, especially given my vulnerability to injury and being so close to the race now. But I really wanted to go to Kansas, so I felt this was the best way to handle it.

The plan was to do the three-hour run on Sunday in Kansas, but I am not sure of the roads out there, and don’t know how to get it in. The alternative to Friday or Kansas is to do it Monday night, after work.

I will say this though: You will not see any more posts about my insecurities regarding my fitness or my ability to do this race. I felt almost euphoric today running on that lakefront (in shorts no less!), and with each runner I passed, I thought, “I already have six hours under my belt today.”

In my whole life, NOTHING has eve felt as good as my performance today. I got off that bike, looked at my legs, and thought, “I can’t believe you little guys just did that!”

I actually felt proud today. Proud that I finished, proud that I made it this far, proud that I will do this race in two weeks, and proud that I am now at the end of TWO YEARS of having this goal. Two years I have been working towards this!

I look at my life two years ago, and my, how different it was. I look at my relationship with food, my ability to commit to this, the people in my life then and now – wow, are things different. I look at my life and fitness today, and have never felt more proud. Not even as I walked across that stage and got my diploma for my doctorate – mostly because I think I always had faith I would finish that damn dissertation, but this IM stuff – so many times my faith wavered, so many times I doubted.

On a separate note, training aside, another amazing thing that happened today was that I was able to book a flight so that my brother (the newly married one, not the kidney one) can come to Arizona to see this. I really wanted my whole family to be there, because my family has never faltered in their support of me, and I wanted them to see this and feel as proud as I do. And now they will all be there. This almost made me cry today because I was so happy.

There will never be another “first” Ironman, and there will never be another time in my life when I can be this selfish. And while life-as-usual resumes April 14th, there will never be another time when my life revolves around something as much as this. This has been the biggest undertaking of anything I have done, and I am steps from completing this goal.

Oh, and Andra?



stronger said...

Hell yeah, you win.

Prin said...

and with each runner I passed, I thought, “I already have six hours under my belt today.”

You're awesome. :) I think you've already done the hardest part. I wish I could be there too, after following you so long. (hugs and high fives)

Andra Sue said...

Without a doubt, Meg. Without. A. Doubt.

There must have been something in the air today--I had my first really solid, good run of the season. I was in such a groove, I felt like I could have gone on forever. Everything was just so, I don't know...right again somehow...I got a little emotional at the end, but in a good way. Days like this are why we do it. Here's to hoping we never forget that.

It's all about substance, chica, and you've got it more than covered. :)

someday tri said...

The plan was to do the three-hour run on Sunday in Kansas, but I am not sure of the roads out there...

Just found your blog yesterday and normally I'd lurk for maybe a year before commenting, but I wanted to jump in and alleviate any concerns about Kansas roads: we do indeed have them ;)

moonpie said...

Congrats on your victory! What's really amazing to me is the metal fortitude that it takes to ride 6 hours on the TRAINER!!! Riding 6 hours when it's sunny and warm in FL is something very different to that, so yeah, mad propz homegirl!

Brent Buckner said...

Well done! Way to put it together.

Andy said...

I'm thinkin after back to back to back to back bricks, the "little guys" you refer to as your legs....are most likely RIPPED by now.
Nice work Dr. M.

Alili said...

Sweet. You are so strong. HUGE victory this weekend:)

The Clyde said...

"In my whole life, NOTHING has ever felt as good as my performance today."

---you hear that Cheese? "Little" man......

Cindy Jo said...

I am SO HAPPY for you Megan!!! I can't wait to watch you on IM live - I will be following you ALL day!

Just remember: its normal to feel insane during your IM taper.

Anonymous said...

so many people have gotten to know megan through this blog. so many of you have expressed how proud you are or how amazing you think she is. take all of those comments and multiply them by a billion. that how we(her family feel). to go through as much as she has and to be so close last year and not racing. to see where she has gotten and how she gotten ther is amazing. i cant wait to see you at the finish line where i will be stading with open arms and a cold bud leezy for ya. love you girl. and rock out with your cock out