Monday, March 31, 2008

A Softer Side

I was running on the treadmill today and watching the early moments of the Cubs home/season opener on t.v.

Yeah, I know. It killed a little bit of me, too.

At least the Sox opener is just a few short days away.

Anyway, Ernie Banks was the honoree and they dedicated this statue thing to him. Now, I know next to nothing about historic baseball figures, but I will say this: it brought a tear to my eye watching the whole ceramony, mostly because Mr. Banks looked so happy and excited and he was just hamming it up and loving the whole thing. It really was spectacular to see.

And I got a little emotional.

Then, as the run continued, I realized how good I was feeling, and began imagining myself finishing this race in less then two weeks, running to that line with the deafening screams of everyone I love pulsating from the sidelines.

And I got emotional again.

The whole hour really made me take pause and reflect on the rotteness I tend to spew on my blog.

See, I am not completely bitter and cold-hearted as I come across sometimes. I don't feed off of my internal rage, and I am not always the impatient lady sighing loudly in the grocery line when the elderly pull out their 3400 coupons and all I want to do is get my grilled chicken and high tail it home in time for the Biggest Loser.

Uh..okay, so maybe I am that lady but hold on, hear me out.

Yeah, I am impatient, and people that are slow/dumb/ignorant/self-absorbed really get on my nerves. And I am fully aware tha tI need to just back off every now and then and let people do their thing, because the world does not, in fact, revolve around Megan and her training/work schedules.

I know, it surprised me too, this realization.

And sometimes, I am better with accepting this, and being patient. Other times, not so much.

But it's a work in progress.

What I felt worst about today was my ranting on the elderly and little kids lately. Mostly the kids part. Because here's the thing - I really do like kids, it's bad parenting I can't stand. I am a child psychologist, for crying out loud. So while I may make fun of them, or talk about how annoyed I get when they throw tantrums and their parents look the other way, I actually kinda like kids.

In fact, I just spent the whole weekend with Cheese's family, which included two kids, a boy (5) and a girl (8). And they were great - I never got annoyed, never got irritated, and really had a great time with them. In fact, I can't wait for them to come to Chicago to visit me.

Yeah, I totally did just say that.

And speaking of this weekend, Cheese ran a half-marthon in Kansas. He did well, but had been having some foot and leg pain up to the race which took him a little off his goal time. But he finished, despite the monster winds and the crazy hills.

I ran with him for the last three miles.
At the end of the race!

He even inspired his family to do the 5K, which was the first race EVER for his mom, sister and brother-in-law. It was really very fun to watch them get their packets, and put their bibs on, and get all anxious for the race - could they do it? Would it hurt? If they get tired, could they walk? And then to finish the race, and be so excited and wanting to talk about it. It was so new and fresh for them - I was so happy to be there and be part of it.

So I kinda want to apologize for being so negative about people that aren't, well, me. I really hope I didn't offend anyone. And I would never make mean faces to your children behind your back. Well, at least not if I knew you.

That's just for stangers.


Comm's said...

don't worry about having good runs while emotional Meg. By the time you get to the second lap of the run at IMAZ you'll be zigzagging through so many emotions you'll be running 7 minute miles it seems. Anger, yelling, pain, crying, when will it be over, I can't do another lap.

On race day, let it all out of you. you absolutely can't keep your emotions in check.

Prin said...

heehee... Did you really offend people? I never thought you were bitter. It was kinda funny. :D

Yey for Cheese et al for racing this weekend. :)