Thursday, March 27, 2008

How to Wrap Up Two Years of Training - A Brief Pictorial

What does it look like in my house after a long trainer ride? Let me introduce you to the Nutrition Graveyard. Please note the wet sopping sports bra to the left - again ladies, make sure to change this or you're lookin' at some pretty bad discomfort.

Yes, that watch does read "6Hours." In case you all thought I was making it up.

My new "gymmies," all nice and clean - not for long. And though you can't see it, the feet inside them are swollen and throbbing.

If you have ever wondered what beauty looks like after seven hours of physical excertion, I give you Exhibit A: Please note the unruly hair that has not been brushed since the haircut...LAST FRIDAY.

Home and showered! Of course, it's a shaky picture, but hey, if shaky hands were the worst consequence of the workout, I would say things went pretty well.

The Easter Bunny came to my sister Devin's house on Sunday, and he must have forgetten that I moved a year ago, 'cause he left my basket there. I got it today - and that darn Easter Bunny sure knows me well - Balence bars, Go Lean bars, raisins, Gatorade, pretzel nuggets and jelly beans. Oh, and don't miss the snow out the window - yeah, it snowed here today. That's reason enough to binge of the jelly beans.

Speaking of jelly beans, they complimented by dinner of raspberry sorbet tonight. One man's sugar high is another man's carbo loading.

Hey, sometimes you get too busy to wash the dishes, so you improvise.


Prin said...

Yey! Awesome pics. Who needs lipstick when you can easily run 'n' stuff for six hours for the same effect?

Andra Sue said...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeee! So hardcore!

Duane said...

Great pics! Wont be long now!

the fire said...

one nutrition question? does a sleeve of peanut butter girl scout cookies count as one serving? just asking

The Clyde said...

I see the yellow felt...what model/year of felt is that? Methinks we might have the same bike.

TriSaraTops said...


Holy crap. I am in awe. Nicely done!!!

Prin said...

Wait a minute... Does it say 6:00:00:69? Crap. Start over.

Danni said...

Hey Megan!!!
Way to go about riding on the trainer for 6 hours!!!! And THEN running... I do not know if I'd have it in me yet!

Anonymous said...

Amazing effort - 6 hours on a trainer is DEDICATION!

Good luck