Friday, March 7, 2008


Wow, it feels like it's been forever since I put up a post. So much has been flurrying around these last few days that it's been almost impossible to take a second to drop in on ya.

I arrived in Tennessee a couple hours ago for my little brother's wedding. Me aside, he is the last of us to get married. All four, gone and done it.

I left a frigid Chicago, only to arrive to a frigid and windy Tennessee, and a town that is now all but shut down due to their pending four inches of snow.

Seriously, four inches and the town shuts down.

You know what we call four inches in Chicago?


Everyone is just beginning to arrive, and my friends just got here. I guess since all the planning has been in another state, and I have had little imput on things (unlike my other two sisters' weddings) it's taken a while for this to feel real. But the last day of two, I have felt the excitement growing.

Any posts or pictures will have to wait until Monday because I can't link up to the wireless here, and I left my camera cord at home.

Later skaters.


Prin said...

Ooo, almost congrats to your bro.

I'll marry you. :)

Wait... You won't nag me to run, will you? Or pinch my rolls?

Consider that my prenup. :D

Be safe and have fun. :)

The Big Cheese said...

Huh? Humm, Ok...

Prin said...

What? :P

Danielle in Iowa said...

I had to fly through Memphis this morning. What a mess! This is why I stick to flying through cities like Minneapolis in the winter. They don't blink at a foot of snow!