Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nolan's Wedding - Round One

I landed about two hours ago, and thought that I would at least start out with some pictures of the weekend. I am going to break this down into two parts, becuase there is a whole set of reception pictures that I have a feeling deserve their own post.

So basically, my younger brother Nolan got married in Tennesse this weekend. Ellen and I stood up in the wedding party, and Devin was the photographer. Above are Ellen and I, before she had to take off back to the hotel with her kid, Baby Nolan.
Joe and Bridget and me. Joe has been with our family since high school. He and Bridget are two of my closest friends, and Joe is like a brother to Nolan - always has been. Hoe and Bridget are amazing on their own, but I discovered are that much more hysterical with a few "pops" in them.

Following the rehersal dinner, we all headed to the bar, where shots were the drink of the night. You can't really see my brother here, but he is the kid with the dark hair and brown jacket on.

Ah, here is a better picture. Doesn't he look young?!?!?!

The Chicago "posse." It's PAtrick, Devin, Nolan, Joe, Nathaniel (in the back), me Bridget and John C.

Me and the Devers.

It's wedding day!!! This is Jenny, my new sister in law. On top of being stunningly beautiful, she is one of the sweetest, nicest, most genuine, true Southern girls I have ever met. She is truly a valuable addition to this family. Welcome, Mrs. Nolan's Wife!

Joe walked Nolan down to an insturmental version of a song my brother picked out for my dad. They lit a candle for my dad. It was sad.

This one's for Clyde and Cheese. Does it really take off 30 pounds?

The fam - I think they are all pretty much regular to this site, except for my older brother whose getting my kidney. He's on the end with his wife.
Sisters. Doesn't get any better than these two.

And now we are four.
More pics and my overall weekend commentary to follow.
Off to ride for five hours. Fantastic.


Prin said...

Yey! Great pics. You look great too. :)

Prin said...

Oh and congrats to your brother and his wifey. :)

the fire said...

that camera really does add 20 pic at the looks like i was tryin sneak out the keg we drank under my about doughboy!!! give that kids some butter...

Cindy Jo said...

You look beautiful Megan!

The Clyde said...

Oh Christ, don't get me started......