Friday, March 21, 2008

The Low Down

So final preparations for the big race are finally underway.

Today, I learned how to change a flat and am going to be practicing on my bike over the next few days. I got a new tire put on to replace the one that has been spinning on the trainer for the last six months, although the bike guys said that the old one is actually fairly intact.

Needless to say, I will probably be returning to the bike store in the next few days to have them repair the eff-ups I do to the tire, but oh well. It's a learning process. Better now than on the road April 13th.

In regards to the sickness, it seems to be getting progressively worse and painful. It's not the flu or anything like that, and nothing that is taking me out of training, or will comprimise the race, but it is enough to make me pretty sick most of the day. Swimming, ironically, seems to be the one thing that makes me feel better (the cool water seems to settle my body), and I have an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday, so hopefully after a few tests and blood work, we might have an answer.

For the most part, my body parts, like my back and knees, feel good (knock on wood, if I had any in the vicinity). And I even managed to get a new snappy haircut today, so yay for me.

But lemme ask this. Didn't Spring start, like, two days ago? Perhaps someone forgot to mention it to Mother Nature, because she is deciding to foil yet another last ditch effort at outdoor riding this weekend with the snow she is currently dumping on us. And if the snow isn't bad enough, the 40 mile an hour winds are going to be the death of me.

Yet another boring post. Sorry guys. I am sure once I start to feel better, I will be back to my old cynical and sarcastic self. Believe me, I miss that Megan too.

Mostly 'cause there is no shortage of old people stories or a good old fashion rant over here in good old Chicago. At this point, they are stock piled, just waiting for be splayed for my own personal enjoyment.


Cindy Jo said...

I knocked on wood for you, Megan! I'm feeling the same thing - not so sick I can't train, but definitely not 100% either. AND ITS SNOWING LIKE A MOFO HERE!!!

It'll turn around for the better sooner than you think...

Prin said...

Preggers?!?! Just kidding. *knocks on wood*

Then you'd be an Ironmom. Get it? Get it?!


Ok, I'll leave the way I came. :D

Brent Buckner said...

OK, training's in the bank, time to get healthy and restored (and go through taper madness)!