Monday, March 17, 2008



Because it is freaking me out.

I seem to have found all the blogs of people doing IM AZ, and of course, everyone has posted their training plans, their milage, etc. And of course, like the self-abusing individual I am, I sit and compare what I am doing to what everyone else is doing.

But the thing is, it's hard to compare their multiple century rides to my multi-hour indoor trainer rides. I don't know how far I have traveled in my apartment, but I know that when I get on that thing, I stop only to go to the bathroom. And I ride long enough that I am not fully recovered from my saddle sores even a week later. I could estimate that I have probably logged a couple of centuries myself, but I have also not trained in the wind or cold. Also, I have had the company of movies or my IPod to get me through the mind numbingness of it all, which I won't have on race day - there are some things only outdoor training can get you which I have not had.

I have swam at 2-3 times a week, and am currently swimming between 3600-3900 yards each time. But is it enough? Plus, I'll admit it - I don't always do my speed swims as fast as I need to. Sometimes I get lazy, and think, "Hey, at least I'm in here."

I know I can run about 20 miles, and I have a some marathons already under my belt. But again, I use the IPod.

But is it enough?

Not when I read what other people are doing.

Will I finish?

I hope, but it might not be pretty.

So here's my pledge - no more blog reading of people doing IM AZ. Everyone else's - yes.

I am pretty sure I have enough crazy in me aside from this race - no need to add to it.

Carry on.


IM Able said...

If you come over to my house, all you'll wonder about is "it that a NORMAL thing to do with a foam roller?" And your laughter will immediately mask any worries about the IM...especially when I inadvertently lose hold of the corner of the coffee table. No iron talk there...just humiliation.

Comm's said...

Hey!!!! I hope your not going to stop reading me. For Cripe sake if you have a question ask me Meg. I road the entire IMAZ course Saturday. Logged hundreds if not a 1000 miles around Tempe Town Lake. I know every crack on the course.

It will be windy. It will be hot. You will conquer.

Your doing fine. Once you realize your doing the swim distance in the pool under 2:20, and your not generally weirded out in OW, the swims in the bag.

Andra Sue said...

I think that's a really good idea, actually. No need to freak yourself out more than necessary...

Danielle in Iowa said...

I suggest you read my blog where you can read about how brutal my 12 mile bike/2.5 mile run brick was and feel smug :-)

AGA said...

It's enough. You've done what you needed to do and you will cross that finish line in a few weeks.

Feel free to stop by my blog and you'll see how I did not die, though came close during my functional strength training:)

Andy said...

Chill Meg
You'll be fine, I don't want a blathering idiot at my house for the PARTY!

Prin said...

Well, so far, my training today involved swallowing a brick of chocolate and inhaling several lengths of cinnabun.

I'm confident that I'll finish the race [to get the last cupcake].

The Clyde said...

Ipods,movies, ....all that is replaced by "being in the race", enjoying the atmosphere, all the people that will cheer you on as you get to see them numerous times, (doing a looped course like IMAZ will really help here), etc, etc....

You are ready, you will finish. Sitting for 5 hours on a trainer is harder than doing a century, at least mentally, movies or not.

momo said...

what's that saying about many roads leading to the same place?

in my training group for cda last year, there were seven people who had three different coaches. and we all finished, even though our training schedules were all over the board.

you'll do great! believe it!!

plus, you're going to have the cheering committee of all time, so what's better than that??? :-)

Lance Notstrong said...

Go read my blog. The general jackassery and non-existent training schedule will make you feel good.

Donald said...

Just wait until you get to the race - EVERYONE will look like Macca or Michellie Jones out there. Don't let others freak you out. Good idea to stay focused on yourself.

Anonymous said...

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