Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gettin' Right

Yeah, I have disappeared - I have been pretty sick the last few days, so I am trying to get myself right and hopefully come back with a real post in the next day or so. Unfortunately, my doctor's appointment is not until next Tuesday - so hopefully I can hang on until then.

Training is fine - haven't missed a workout in a while, kind of being pushed by the urgency of race approaching. But who cares what's behind the motivation - at least I am getting it done, sick or not.

Take care and talk soon.


THE HAMMER said...

thats right ya'll 22lbs and a whole 30 1/4" long!!!! THE HAMMER!!!

Prin said...

(hugs) I hope you feel better soon.

See what happens when you eat bananas instead of chocolate?! *shakes head*

IM Able said...

I suggest cutting back on the crack. It always gives me the sniffles.

Andy said...

Get better Chica

momo said...

feel better, meg!