Monday, March 10, 2008

Round Two - More Pictures and Commentary

Okay, so these were taken with a disposable camera, so the quality is subpar at best. But I wanted to post them, cause mostly it reminds me of how fun the night was. Above are the sister girls, with their matron, Big Mar.
Oh, Bridget. So cute! Bridget laid off the hooch that night, seeing as she did a doozy the night before. But she was still hysterical - her sense of humor is brutal. She's the kind of girl that you can sit in a corner with and make fun of other people all night long....not that I would....

Me and Devers.

Ellen busting her fancy dance moves. I seem to remember this partuclar one - I think she perfected it the summer of 1993, somehwere in the parking lot of Soldier Field at a Grateful Dead concert. Somewhere in the world there's a VW van missing their Dancing Bear.....

Devin, confused at Ellen's happy feet. Franky, so am I. What the....?

My mom never left the dance floor. I believe this particular photo was taken during a choreographed version of "I'm Too Sexy." Yeah, and my mom actually did strut around like she was on the catwalk. No shit.

Is it over yet? My little dancing feet were pretty beat at this point. I still had my heels on, and when I got home, the feet were swollen like little pillows. It made for a fun 6-hour brick when I got home yesterday!
I think the best part of the whole night was at the very end. Everyone left, and I went to say good-bye to Nolan. He pulled me into the tightest hug, and didn't let go. He spoke softly in my ear, telling me how proud he was of me, the life I live, and the decisions I make. He told me I was the strongest person he knew, and that he was so grateful for all I have done for him. He asked me if I was happy, and told me that I was the best, and deserved only the best. He told me I that I have overcome so much in life to become who I am, and that made me an amazing person, and that I should never settle or compromise myself. Then he kissed my cheek, hugged me again, and pulled away.
I have relived that moment frequently since I left TN. For all me and him have gone through in the last 20 years, he has become quite a man - insightful, honest, genuine, good. And all at the ripe old age of 24. In the last few weeks, his phone calls have literally picked me up out of bed, made me think about myself and want I want in this life, and reinforced the full circle my family have traveled.
For him, I am truly grateful.


the fire said...

I did it ...i told bridget i wanted to be the first to post...nothing to say but i did it!!! woo hoo...i'll read it now..

the fire said...

that night was great!! so much fun...a true family moment....y'all (like the use) should be proud of yourselves!!!!

nolans mommy said...

Um...didnt we have a conversation about me getting final approval of pics you post of me?

Izzy said...

nolans mommy, you look FIERCE!

Prin said...

Aw! Your brother is so sweet. He almost made me cry at work. Almost. He's right too. ;)

You guys all look so good. :)