Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why Is Ironman Turning Me Into A Sissy?

Woke up late.

Got on bike by 8.

Coach originally said three hours, but okay to push to four hours.

But body wasn’t taking any nutrition, thanks to ongoing sickness.

No nutrition = no fuel.

So ride over at 3 hours.

Onto run -1:45 on treadmill.

Saw friend at gym, engaged in brief conversation while running.

Brief conversation turned into open sobbing.


No reason, yet every reason.

Still running.

Strange looks from other gym patrons.

Gasping for breath between sobs, tears mix with sweat and sting eyes.

Friend supports/reassures, then leaves.

Self mortified at ease of outburst.

Self collects, tries to understand, sort it out.

Run continues, body feels surprisingly fine.

But mind mostly blank for rest of run, no new answers.

Self already knows answer.

Finish run.


Back to work.

Happy Easter.