Sunday, February 11, 2007

And Eight Brownies Later...

It's been a long day. I have started and stopped this post several times, and am now finally just sitting down with my full concentration (although I have to get up make dinner at some point). Here are my brief thoughts for the day:

1. Was anyone else slightly disappointed with the Police opening at the Grammy's? Call it wishful thinking, but I was kinda hoping at least for a medley, and you can be dang sure my ass is the first in line should a tour be spawned from this (yes, I totally realize I am about 20 years too young to be riding this bandwagon, but you can't help who you love). And seriously, how the hell old ARE those guys? Yikes.

2. And speaking of tours, I heard The Who might also be touring. Can anyone confirm this? Mucho fabuloso if true (wowed ya with my bilingual skills, yeah?)

3. In the rush of today's draft, I ate handfuls of Cheetos, some Lime Tostitos, and eight brownies. Is that so wrong? Perhaps, but if so, I don't want to be right.

4. Speaking of the draft, I wanted to thank everybody who sent me supportive words over the last few days, both about the draft and just regarding my life in general. I read all my comments and emails, and am so, so appreciative of how thoughtful people can be. So thanks blogger community!

5. Right now, my dog is having what I believe is a nightmare, and is convulsing and grunting on the floor next to me. A little scary, but nonetheless giggle-worthy.

To summarize our draft, I have to say that I am really satisfied with how things came out. My family really worked together for a situation that was anything but ideal, and it came out good. For all of our issues at times, I really love my family, and they can really rise to the occasion and step up to the plate (wow, no pun intended but impressive, nonetheless). Is that enough cliches yet? I got some more, just let me know....

In honor of my siblings, I posted a picture of some of them above at my sister's wedding (me, Nathanael, Ellen, Nolan and Devin), and below of me and my sisters, and of my older brother Kevin.

Oh and the training. How could I post without an update on the ever-nearing IM AZ training? I did yet another trainer ride. However, what was supposed to be 4:30 ended up at 4:07 due to a brand new injury (lucky!). The fleshy part of my inside right knee (maybe not fleshy on anyone else, but I did have eight brownies so...) was brutally sore at about 3:45 when I tried to jump off the bike for to use the potty, and I could barely extend or bend it. I stupidly tried to continue and finish the ride (come on now, you all know you would have done the same thing) but at 4:07, I decided that if I had any hope of trying the run portion, I should stop. I got through the run, but not without truly immobilizing my knee to the point that I could not get off the treadmill and down the stairs to leave the gym (I waited until the coast was clear and then took the stairs one by one, like a toddler, which is how I imagine I will be crossing the finish line so I chalk this up to thorough training). I think this is just a muscular thing, maybe from so many 4+ hour rides in the trainer, or my new orthotics or whatever, so I am not too worried. But dang if it didn't hurt like a motha'. Oh, I blew my swim this morning - doin' it tomorrow.

So that's me for a Sunday. Sorry it's slightly scattered. I hope everyone's weekend went super, training session pulled off without incident, and a new training week ready to be conquered. I am ending with a picture of Devin and her fiance, Patrick, who have graciously given their house over to the storage of the draft goods (and a homeless sister, but whose really keeping track?) Later skaters.

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