Monday, February 19, 2007

Welcome, You're One of Us Now

The alarm officially went off at 5AM, but my eyes were open by 430. I waited until 520 to swing my legs over the side of the bed, slip on the fleece pants, click on the coffee maker and let the dogs out. A quick cup of coffee, and a super fast shower (well, fast for me, so it was under 25 minutes), and a brush of the teeth. I put on my cute little trouser pants, my pale green sweater, and my brown boots (the heeled kind, not the snow kind, as we all now know I don't own those kind). I topped it off with some straightened hair and a black wool overcoat, tossed a few Go Lean bars in a my bag, opened the front door, and let it click softly behind me, as not to arouse Devin and Patrick. I walked to the car, and took off, not waiting for it to warm up because it was actually over 20 degrees this morning.

Today, I started my real life adult job.

Well, technically, I started last Friday, but today I actually had to show up today, go through benefits orientation (I have health insurance! dental! vision! life! and a pension!) and then some other paperwork. I even told them that I needed my days off to go to IM AZ, and they said yes! And they pay me to take off! Utter craziness. So much for one day. Ahh, to be a working girl.

Wait, not that kind of working girl, I mean the one that gets paid...I mean legitimately...I mean - whatever, you get it.

There are still some loose ends with this whole thing, but I now work for the state, so I guess they should be tied up probably about...well, let's see...well, hopefully by the time that pension (!) kicks in. I still need to be assigned an office, which I am hoping is the region office right down the street. I need a list of my required meetings (because that is now mostly what I will be doing is going to meetings), my phone and my computer. I guess when you work for the state, things move at a slightly different pace than what I am used to, so patience (not my strong point) must be engaged.

So I got home about 1PM (again, I work for the state - haha), and I am off to meet Larry at the pool and then a short spin. I indulged in some movie theatre popcorn and Twizzlers last night and then a piece of ice cream cake for Patrick's birthday, so I got some 'splaining to do. Bring on the laps!

Later skaters.


AZ Ironman 2007 said...

Totally forgot about the new J.O.B. starting today. Welcome to the "Real World" (definition pending) Megan! You're gonna do great!

TriJack said...

my overwhelming thought about the movie is how awful for his family... it used to be that historical fiction or biographical books/movies would be created long after the events were done and over, when time had somewhat healed AND revealed the final jusgement on the merits/damage done by the events. now, it only takes 4 or 5 years... i was troubled by and wouldn't go see united 93 or wtc movie - just too fresh and painful. i didn't know i would have the same reaction to breach, but i did. how awful for his kids to one day see this movie about people saying how horrible their dad was. there are 2 sides, 2 perceptions, 2 truths to every story. his version will never be heard by the the masses, which in a way i think is unfair to him, and his family.

Duane said...

Congratulations on the new hob Megan! I work for the Feds and yes, things move slower but oh the benefits! (I get 5 weeks vacation each year!).