Thursday, February 1, 2007

Welcome to the World

I'm an aunt.

Last night, my little sister Elbow gave birth to a baby boy, Nolan Joseph (named after my little brother and late father). Weighing in at a healthy 9.3, and 21 inches, he was kicking those legs as if a Cerevelo was already underneath him (and if I have anything to say about it...)

Things got a little scary for a while, because the labor was difficult, and they ended up giving my sister a C-section, which was not expected. He was born with a fever because the trauma of the labor gave my sister a fever, so no one could really hold him or touch him, so we just looked at him through the window while the doctors all worked on him. I am on my way to the hospital in a bit to see the little dude.

I feel as if this post requires more words, and I know they are in me, but they are so jumbled and so happy and so relieved and overwhelmed that I can't seem to get them out in a sensible way. I will try to post later (hopefully with pics) once I sort it out.