Sunday, February 4, 2007

What Do You Think?

Despite the negative degree temperature here this morning, I managed to get my tired, stiff body out of bed and head to the pool for a long swim. I laid in the sauna afterwards for about 15 minutes, just to feel some kind of heat on my skin, which helped my mood. God, I can't wait to get to AZ.

So yesterday I posted a follow-up to a previous post about honesty. I pretty much reiterated my thoughts on liars, and that there is no good excuse to blatantly lie to people, which is the epitome of disrespect (to me). Moreover, I also owned up to my own dishonesty at times, which I still struggle with, and see it as a flaw in me. I ended it by saying "Please, if you know me, don't ask me if this post is about you, because if you think it is, maybe you have something to get honest about."

Now while I meant that statement, at the time I wrote it, I was a bit salty and sour about something (not quite sure what it was though) and just felt like venting. After some thought, I deleted it, but not after I received a comment along these lines (and this is paraphrased):

"Parents try to raise kids to trust them and are always honest with them, but then kids always end up lying to their parents, so do you chalked that up to them being kids or is lying okay for them?"

Needless to say, I had a burning reaction to this comment, mostly because of what's gone down in my own home over the last, hmm, about five to seven years. But I told myself to give it pause, to mull it over, and then come back to it after I simmered down. And while I certainly have an opinion about it, I would like to hear what other people have to say regarding lying: Is it okay? Never okay? What are the exceptions? What about parents lying to their kids? Leave a comment in the comment section, or email me (see profile for address). Please, I really want feedback on this before I shoot my mouth off about it.

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Anonymous said...

It's never right to lie but then situations are not always black/white, yes/no, I believe there are gray areas. If I thought the truth would truly hurt someone, I would keep the truth to myself and I don't feel I would be disrespecting that person