Thursday, February 1, 2007


Since I have no photos yet to share of the new little dude, I will take the opportunity tonight to post a list of my addictions (the good ones). And since there are no pictures yet, that means I still have a few days left of bragging rights for the World's Cutest Nephew, so yes, I will be that annoying person that keeps talking about a new baby likes its the first one ever born. Thank you very much.

Now onto the addictions:

1. Pickles
2. Cran-raisins
3. Not in that order - lesson learned.
4. 30 minute recovery swims - always on a Friday.
5. Steams - the hotter, the better and also on Fridays.
6. Instant message - despite my pop-culture prowess, this is new to me.
7. The Office - no addictions list is complete without it.
8. Go Lean Rolls - my new candy bar, but with more protein! Dee-lish!
9. My physical therapist - aka voodoo witch doctor.
10. Fleece pants - so warm and toasty.
11. Bike shopping - so much sparkle, so little time...
12. Sushi
13. Pool paddles - newly acquired gift from my sister
14. Hot showers after long bricks - aaahhhhh.
15. Working from home - a luxury soon to be lost.

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