Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Two Hours Later

I found myself sitting in the car, with my elevated blood pressure flushing my face, which I cooled by resting (banging) my head against the cold window. Ah, it's winter in Chicago and the snow/wind has halted traffic to a standstill, turning my otherwise short jaunt down Lake Shore Drive (a usual 25 minute task), into an over-2 hour affair, complete with taxi cabs spin outs, zero visibility and gusts that shook my little car to its imported core.

But since I have elected not to moan about the weather in a city I choose to live, I will take the lemons I was given and go make myself some liquor-laced lemonade while I cool off from the aforementioned escapade and dream about the warm breeze under the Arizona sun as I pedal my little heart out in April. Can you hear me sun? It's me, Megan, and I'm missing on you.

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