Saturday, February 3, 2007

An Open Letter

To all who do not currently live in or around the Chicagoland area:

It is now 730AM, 1 degree outside, with a wind chill below zero this morning, and the wind is howling so fast and hard it is literally rattling the window panes. Rattling. Like Old Man Marley. The dog poop was frozen before it even hit the ground this morning.

So if you do not live close this this hell frozen over, count your blessings this morning. Get to go for a long ride outside? Bless you. Maybe a nice leisurely run around a park? Right on! Maybe even in shorts? Go on with your bad self! But for those of us who made an impulsive and somewhat ill-informed decision to sign up for a spring race while forgetting that this is how we roll in winter in these parts - we can be found logging in (the 4th) four-hour ride in the trainer, and likely even having to do the run at the gym. But I am sure that the frozen air will soothe the raw, open wounds of chaffing gifted to me by the stationary ride. Awesome. Totally, 100% awesome.

Note to self: next year, do IM Florida.

Big, sloppy, frozen kisses and runny noses,

1 comment:

Duane said...

That's cold, especially with the humidity back there! We had -18 yesterday night with winds, but it's a dry cold :-)