Wednesday, February 7, 2007

When Offending, Always Make Sure To Apologize

To all that I jokingly referred to as "sissies" in my previous post, I truly was just making a joke. See, underneath my tough, Chicago-bruiser suit of armour, I am really this person that ends up feeling bad if a joke goes wrong. And while I don't know if it actually "went wrong," just yet, I kinda feel bad.

I fully acknowledge that training for an IM is tough no matter where you are. However, its just slightly more psychologically challenging doing in the Arctic blast that is wreaking havoc on the Midwest. So to all those in this mess - hang in there, you'll be better for it in the end. For those currently sitting under an 85 degree sun, bless you. Enjoy it, soak it up, and I'll see you at the start in just a few short weeks. Train on, trainers!

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