Friday, February 2, 2007


Sadly, I have nothing spectacular to report today. I am feeling a little blue, can't quite pinpoint it, but it has nothing to do with training. In fact, I have been feeling lately that my body is really beginning to adjust the regular trauma I insist on putting it through. In fact, it likes it so much that it is actually starting to respond, as in, get hard. Awesome. Good bye, jelly legs!

My sister has been recovering nicely after giving birth, and tomorrow I get to hold the new little dude for the first time. I saw him today before she fed him in the nursery and honestly, he is a mushy mound of screaming preciousness. He somehow managed to get a rash on his cheeks, so that's interesting. But I find myself wondering if his skin is soft, or if his red ears feel hot, or how much light he can see through the slits, or if he will scream when I hold him, as if sensing my baby-fear. When he opens his mouth, I noticed that its really just this tiny gaping hole. So weird. And his feet are the best because the feet-part seems awfully long, and the toes look like little tiny balls at the top of the feet-part. Like little balls, I swear. Just glued right up there. Geesh. These baby things sure are funny...

So maybe, MAYBE, I will have pictures tomorrow. I sense my baby bragging rights are just about up, so when the pictures come, I will shut up. But until then, deal.

See? I told you I'm salty. Double geesh.

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