Friday, January 19, 2007

Wow Am I Tired

Sorry about the missed post - We were out celebrating Dynamite D's birthday yesterday with a late dinner (chick is 27! I can barely believe it, especially since she's the size a of 12-year-old. Weird). And while the novelty of being newly licenced is slowly dissipating, I worked my first day as a real psychologist yesterday, and it really did feel different (at least in my head). And check out this tribute from my (now former) supervisor at

So I am in the final days of my third week (out of a four week training block), very much looking forward to the recovery week next week. It is crazy how much this stuff wears you down. I feel like I have chronic sore throat, and getting out of the bed in the morning often requires a forklift. like this morning - yes, it is almost 8 and I am just getting up. LAZY!

Still I have a renewed attitude this week, what with the pain free run on Wednesday. I am successfully paying off my physical therapist's graduate school loans with my now-regular visits, which will have to slow down because I need to buy groceries soon (ah, the balance and decisions we must make for this beast). But whatever voodoo-witch doctor stuff he's mixing up for me seems to be doing its job (he was talking all "electromagnetic fields" and "pressure points" and poking my belly and lifting my arms like an elmo doll this week - he's into the holistic stuff, which is SO not my bag, but I am keeping an opening mind and trying - trying- not to be judgmental because what do I know?)

Anyway, today all I have is a recovery swim and some water running - awesome - but otherwise it is an easy day. I have to get some of the duck butter shmear for my butt when I ride this weekend because its indoor again, for four hours, and I am still rocking the wounds from last weekend's adventure. So I am off, later skaters.

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Anonymous said...

yeah me too. im sitting hear at thelebanon police the dispatch office. what a fucking joke four hours of doing nothing. so i decided to catch up on your blogs. oh yeah how abouyt i talked to ellen about devins bday and still for got tocall her im such a shmuck. but i guess she wouldnt have a good year if i called her on the actual date of her birth. oh weell she will always love me no matter what. just like i love you DOC.....seacrest...out