Thursday, January 25, 2007

And Then There's This

I am sorry if I offended anyone out there in possession of this, but really, what is the deal with big, bright yellow Hummers?

Why does my dog circle the same spot for four whole minutes when its 17 degrees outside, only to find just the right two centimeters in which he can lay his poop? Why do dogs get to have so many choices and get to be so picky when the only choice we humans have is a toilet?

Speaking of dogs, what is their perspective of time? How long does a 24-hour day feel to them? If I slept everyday, all day, I internal clock would be a little coo-coo.

How come people still pay Paris Hilton money and give her attention despite the fact that she is truly and unsympathetically disgusting? And on that note, why isn't her nasty ass in jail yet?

Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

b/c if you're enough of a knucklehead to buy a hummer in the midst of a major metropolitan area that's not at war, of course it's going to be yellow.

Megan said...

right on