Sunday, January 21, 2007

Slow Ride

I decided to take the day off today, instead of risking a meltdown at the pool when I wasn't able to pull through my strokes or move my legs after yesterday's monster workout. So potential crisis averted.

Instead, I worked from home, catching up on reports that I have slightly put off over the holidays (yes, I realize the holidays were weeks ago, but some people take a little longer than others to get back in the swing of things). Worked from home and ate myself silly. I figured I needed to make up for the calorie deficit of yesterday. That, and there was half of an ice cream cake from the b-day celebration the other day that was melting and really, really needed to be eaten. Okay, not so much "melting" as calling out to me...and not so much "one" piece as two, but why squabble over details?

So I am going to wrap it up and bring it in the next 30 minutes, swim long tomorrow and write some more reports. Awesome! Have a good night. Oh, and if you didn't hear......


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AZ Ironman 2007 said...

Go Bears
Hey kindred sprit. Send me another email would ya? Accidentally deleted yours before I saved you address