Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Happiest Little Triathlete in the World

Good morning! No post yesterday because the posting website was acting up and frankly, I was too tired to wait for it to calm down. So your present for the day is an early (8am) post from me! Weeeeee!

So even though I slept through my run (but fear not, I will be leaving shortly to do it, just a tad behind schedule), I am still in a very good mood. Why? Because yesterday I scored my new orthotics (whoa. saying that out loud makes me sound like a total loser). Funny story - when the nurse first put them in my shoes, I noticed that they looked a little funny, but she had me put them on and walk up and down the hall anyways. My feet barely fit into the shoes and then they made my feet so wide I couldn't lace them. After she left the room, I took them out - she put them in the wrong shoes!

Okay, not so funny, but still a story.

So I wore them while I rode the bike (weird) and will wear them again today. I think they will help, but who knows. And the best part of the story? Apparently when I paid for my "office visit" last time, I was actually paying for the orthotics so not only did I not owe anything for yesterday's visit, my orthotics were way, way less than I expected, thus making me the happiest triathlete in the world.

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