Tuesday, January 2, 2007


1. Went to the foot doctor today to cure my knee pain (makes sense, right?). Turns out I don't actually pronate (what?!?!?!), and my right foot is significantly shorter than my left (cue the circus music), which is likely the cause of at least some issues. And I think the doctor flirted with me a little....

2. Wasabi peas are the BOMB!!!!!! That may be the whitest thing I ever said!!!!!!!!

3. I swam 3000 meters today. Yeah, you read the correctly, and no, I did not mistakenly add another zero on. And I swam good.

4. My little brother recently had a major milestone in his life so GO NOLAN!

5. Long run tomorrow=fear of pain.

6. No word yet on the exam, but still holding breath (that smells like wasabi peas).

7. I re-learned today that I didn't create the alcoholics in my life, and I certainly can't control them (damn). Repeat three times.

8. Pedicures make toes look so pretty.

9. Today, I had good hair.

10. Larry told me arms are not the pipes I believe them to be, but rather "pipe cleaners."

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

word larry. hit it right on the head but who am i to talk. i thought i was pregnat and then i realized im just havea sausage gut. seacrest...out

Anonymous said...

rock on..... stoner no mo'. anyone got a dip????????