Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back in the Saddle (but it hurts!)

So today was another 4-hour trainer ride, followed by a 3-miler (keeping it short b/c of the knee). The ride in the trainer seems to have gotten easier since the last one, and I am starting to notice the pattern - once I do a really hard or long distance for the first time, subsequent endeavors are not as bad. I guess the breakthrough is the hardest part.

So anyway, not much else to report on this end today. I know I have been kinda boring these last few days, I guess I am just slowing down since the whole licensing thing (which I know I talk incessantly about, but it has been the biggest pain in my butt for the last year) and the relief itself is pretty tiring. I did treat myself to a bookstore binge, having been completely deprived from the literary world for about, umm, let's see..I started grad school in...then dissertation....oh that's right - 8 years. EIGHT YEARS. So I was due.

So I will definitely be back this week in regular form, plus it's a recovery week so I should, in theory, have some more energy. And boy, am I looking forward to it. I'm out.

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