Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ride On, Rider


As in, four hours, two seconds.

As in 240 minutes and two seconds.

As in, a whole lotta saddle-bum.

Yes, my lovelies - that is how long I had my rear parked on my bike, which itself was parked on a trainer. Granted, there were two bathrooms breaks and a 30-second jump-off to grab a snack, but, 4 hours later, I have emerged, relatively unscathed minus the aforementioned issue (which is currently throbbing and burning as I sit in this chair, but no need to go any further with it).

You may say, "Wow Megan, aside from that being utterly incredible, what did you do for that long?" And frankly, I would say back to you, "Oh, you're too kind. But I watched a whole season of Extras (see sidebar later for a review) and part of a movie called Nanny McPhee (again see sidebar)." My coach also gave me some drills to do, so I was able to break it up with that. All in the name of IM Arizona.

Given the current knee situation, this will be my first non-brick brick. That is, I was supposed to substitute a water run for a regular run after the bike, but the pool is not having Adult Swim right now so I can't. I will just have to do it tomorrow after my regular swim, which sort of defeats the purpose, I know, but running is running to me at this point. So be it, right?

Anyway, keep checking the sidebar for movie reviews, as I will try to post them up in the next few hours (I know I have been a little behind). Later skaters.

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