Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What's Left of Me

All my good juice flowed earlier, so I got nothing super burning right now. I did do my long run today, which was limited to 8 miles, but good thing, because I realistically could not go any father with this F-ING KNEE!!!!

I am so over it right now. I can't even get really worked up, so instead I will just commit myself to water running (super) and try my hardest with the swim and the bike. I have pretty much assumed that I will be approaching the marathon part of the race rocking the run-walk program. Is it ideal? No. Kinda shaming? Sure. But better than then sacrifice all my work thus far, and my skills in the other disciplines. But will this take a way from my Ironman identity or the worthiness of the finisher medal? I am not sure, and I have to think about it. Perhaps. But perhaps not. As my mom said to me today, "The real glory seems to be just making it through the training." Right on, Big Mar. Right on.

And the eating? No candy today, so that is now two full days sugar-free. However, there was a slight bump in the road in the form of a medium cup of Love's frozen yogurt with some hot fudge (sugar free of course). Yummmm. And I did run 8 miles after all. Eh, I figure I deserve it.

As Rolly Noley (my little brother) would say, "Keep on keeping on."


Duane said...

Megan, even the pros walk the race at times. There is no shame! Which IM are you doing?

Megan said...

Yeah, I try to remember that. I am actually doing IM Arizona. It's my first so tack on the "unknown" to my anxiety as well! What about you?