Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Day Off

So I am sucking it down and taking a day off. Here's a recap of yesterdays fiasco:

On Friday night, I went to bed with a really bad pain in my chest. I figured it was just anxiety or heart burn or a heart attack so I brushed it off and tried to sleep, but throughout the night it would be so painful to breath, it would wake me up. So I went into yesterday's brick on about 90 minutes of sleep and a constricted chest (problem #1).

While the bike portion was fine (three hours, but me and my sister watched that National Geographic thing "In the Womb" in celebration of our other sister who was due yesterday but will likely have to be induced Superbowl Sunday but that's for another post - my point is is that it went by quick cause it was interesting) So then I get the simple 30 minute run. After the first four minutes, I was struggling to breath, but I thought "Oh, well maybe my running legs aren't back yet, give it time." (see where this is going?) Then after 10 minutes, I thought my heart exploded in my chest and someone was crushing my ribs. So like a responsible and typical triathlete, I thought,"Well, just turn around and run home, you can do just 20 minutes instead of 30." And yes, this was my nonsense compromise that, at the moment, seeing as I was dying, felt fairly reasonable.

By the last block, my 10 minute pace felt like an all-out sprint after which I literally had to hold onto the lamppost to stand. Larry later told me that my actions were somewhat dumb, because if I had an infection in my chest, it could spread to my heart muscles, and that's why they tell you not to workout if you have a chest cold, but more importantly, that's how Jimi Shmidts character on NYPD Blue died. Who knew?

So even though I feel somewhat better today (still coughing and my back hurts) I am taking it easy. And guess what? Tonight is my "You're licensed and got a new job" celebration dinner/gorge that my mom is cooking up (I'll fill you in with all the luscious details later -yummi!)

BTW, I saw "Smoking Aces" last night, that new movie with Jeremy Pivan. First off: he is fantastic in it, and second: wow, was it violent. Not really my bag, but the movie was enjoyable anyway. I also have a story to tell about what I did during the movie that I have never done before, but I leave you little lovelies to nibble on that nugget of intrigue until later. Have a great Sunday!!!

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