Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Discovery

This is what I learned today:
If you have to write down everything you eat in a day, the shame alone of having to face the reality of your "comfort eating" is enough to keep your hands out of the Baked Lays Chedder and Sour Cream bag. Seriously.

As I noted yesterday, my new physical therapist (who, I've decided, will be saving my soon-to-be-glorious Ironman career) is making me write everything down so he can see what I need nutrionally and fill in the blanks with things to help better repair my traumatized muscles. And guess what? I did not eat one single piece of candy today. NOT ONE. And I am not even lying this time.

Granted, what was eaten, now that I look at it, is certainly not great. Far from it. At some level, I knew maybe I wasn't getting everything in that I needed, but I figured it was almost enough. Looking at it, no way. As of 7PM Chicago time, here is my day:

730Am: One bowl of Go Lean cereal with soy milk, coffee
900AM: Ride my bike 60 minutes
1100AM: Apple (red, medium), Go Lean bar
100PM: Pear, pretzels (20 twists), coffee
600PM: Apple (red, medium), 4 Baked Lays (no joke, just four), small bag of baby carrots
dipped in BBQ sauce (a Megan delight)
630PM: Salamon, spinach with fat-free dressing, black beans (two cups) mixed with white
rice (one cup)

Hmmmm. Now, on an ordinary day, there would not have been cereal, and there would be WAY more Baked Lays, a box of Dots, a package of Twizzlers, and maybe some gummy hearts thrown in for good measure. But that about covers it. It's kind of hard to escape the truth when it stares right back at you.

So at least I know where I need to do some of the work. I am going to go on the protien pill and I am certainly open to suggestions about more protien (that don't involve steak, chicken or such). I know there are vegatarian triathletes out there becuase I read your sites, so please feel free to hit my up with some ideas.

I gotta go to my meeting now. Later skaters.


K-FOAG said...

You really need to go to Trader Joe's more often. I think you'll find several has-soy-in-it-so-it-must-be-healthy foods. Like soy-flax tortilla chips (sounds gross, I know, but they grow on you), chocolate covered soy nuts, dried edamame, frozen edamame, soy pretzels, and soy como va (just kidding on the last one).

Megan said...

Noted - Thanks for the suggestions! I actually do need to eat better, not just take out candy. So thanks!