Monday, January 22, 2007

Two Posts In One Day? Lucky!


Say one was interested in the World Record for the largest overage charge for cell phone minutes. How would one find this out? Does anyone know the answer?

And hypothetically, what does one have to talk about for an additional SIX hours per month that would give them aforementioned additional charges?

Okay, so I might know the answer to the second question, hypothetically, but any takers on the first?

Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

I think I read somewhere that the record was for someone who went 501 minutes over their allotted plan minutes. Seriously I was shocked too. I thought it would only be like 200-but 501? Who talks that much--obviously someone who has a lot to say, probably about themselves no doubt. I forget where I lifted that data from but if I come across it again I'll let you know and you can take a loook at it for yourself

Megan said...

Wow that is a lot. Yeah, it was probably about their self-absorbed self, no doubt. But that is still crazy talk for 501 extra minutes. I'd love t see the research if you can find it. Smart ass.

Courtney said...
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Ashley said...

I used over 33,000 minutes in one month. I use over 500 minutes in a day...

My longest phone call was 21 hours, 6 minutes.
(The world record is 40 hours.)