Saturday, January 27, 2007

Question for Bloggers

If someone leaves a comment on your post and you want to respond, do you leave a comment on your own post, or visit their site and comment on their most recent, with reference to their comment? Does that make sense? I have been going back to their websites to post a comment if they leave one on mine, but I thought I would ask!

In any case - Duane - I went back to your post and added a comment! Good to hear from you!


Duane said...

I know, that one I have not figured out yet. I am adding you to my list of bloggers and am reading yours to catch up on your journey! I look forward to following you on your IM AZ journey! Have a great weekend!

Flo said...

This is a huge problem. With the old blogger you could have your e-mail show up when you left a comment. So then I would respond directly, by e-mail, to that person. I had some great discussions with some people that way. But with the new blogger, apparently your comment is left with no reply e-mail address. So, I've taken to going to their blogs and leaving comments on comments. Once I leave a comment I rarely go back to check to see if they responded on their blog (I forget :) Anyway, if you figure this out please let everyone know the proper etiquette.

Wendy said...

I think the answer is "yes".

In some blogs I have out and out conversations in the comments section. In others, not so much.

Flo -- I hadn't noticed that. On new blogger you have the option of choosing to show your email address on the profile page. So I guess you could click on the commenters name and see if they have chosen that option.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

i think it depends! i've extended conversation via email with a few folks who have their email address show on their profile. Otherwise, I think I've done it both of the ways you describe and really don't know which way is 'proper blogger etiquette'