Sunday, January 28, 2007

This is Me

Okay, so I am trying this thing out, posting my picture. I am a bit self-conscious, you see, as I have been able to do all this funny business behind a screen and everyone else was just left to their imaginations about who I am. So here goes. This is me:

For some reason, it is making me look sort of orange, but I assure you I am not. Since this is kinda fun, let's try some more:
This is me and my two sisters, Devin (Dynamite D) and Ellen (Elbow). This was taken at a ceremony for my dad. While me and Ellen apparently took milk baths before the event, Devin appears to be rocking some serious tan lines...
And a few more:

Larry and me at his Ironman in Madison, end of his second bike loop - yes, that's a sandwich board M-Dot I made and I wore it ALL DAY. I rock.

This is Devin and Nolan, my little brother, taken a couple summers ago before he pulled it together. While he will probably kill me for putting this up, it gives a good flavor of his craziness for which we all love him.

I have a bunch more, but too much of a good thing is...well, it makes it too much I guess. I am very excited about this new discovery. Have a great week everyone!

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AZ Ironman 2007 said...

Well done Meg
Not AT ALL how I imagined you